Timing is everything, it truly is. Yesterday I got to see and hear the only LaFerrari in Vancouver pull up near where I work and pick up a guy I know.

white laferrari

This LaFerrari has been awaiting a buyer at the Ferrari Maserati dealership for the past few months. Rumor has it the asking price was 4-5 million dollars! Who knows what it sold for, however it was a delight to see the car in action driving on the road.

white LaFerrari

When I first heard the sound I thought it was an Aventador in Corsa mode. I was absolutely thrilled to be in the right place to catch sight of the LaFerrari.

white LaFerrari


white LaFerrari

Last time I saw a LaFerrari driving was during my tour of the Ferrari factory at Maranaello. I had a prototype pull up right next to me, I went weak at the knees. So now we have all three hypercars in Vancouver, several McLaren P1’s, and half a dozen Porsche 918’s. Now my mission is to persuade the owners to take me for a drive and or better yet let me drive!

The pictures of the car in this article are from the Luxury Car show at Van Dusen gardens last year.